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Research Group Burmeister

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Research Group Burmeister

Our group is concerned with the molecular genetic and in part also cytogenetic analysis of selected hematologic diseases, especially acute (lymphoblastic and myeloid) leukemias, Burkitt lymphoma and myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN).

A major research focus is adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). There exists a long-term intense cooperation with the study center and other major diagnostic laboratories of the German Multicenter ALL Therapy Study Group (GMALL). One aim of our work is to assess the prognostic implications of molecular alterations in adult ALL and their detailed molecular characterization. Some of these alterations may also be useful markers for the quantification of minimal residual disease.

Another scientific focus are retroviruses, especially human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) and their possible involvement in human disease.

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Research Funding

  • DFG (German Research Foundation): Project BU 2453/1-1
  • German José Carreras Leukemia Foundation: Project R 06/22, R 10/37f
  • Deutsche Krebshilfe (German Cancer Aid): Project 10-1899-Bu I
  • Berliner Krebsgesellschaft (Berlin Cancer Society): Project BUFF200603
  • Alfred und Angelika Gutermuth-Stiftung (A.&A. Gutermuth Foundation): Projects 2007-5, 2009-5, 2011-5

Selected Publications